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MANTRA OF HEALING. MAGIC MANTRA. OM AH HUNG BENZA GURU GUNA SIDDHI HUNG This is an ancient #TibetanMantra, it is a song of praise of the famous healer of the 12th century #Yutokpe, who reached very high success in his activity. In #India the doctors regularly practice the reading of this #mantra before operations. Also, each of them uses this one as an oath before starting work! ************************************************************************ Mantra - it is a combination of special sounds and vibrations that purify space, body, mind and consciousness from negative energies. Mantra – it is an ancient sacred formula that gives a powerful Divine energy, it is the key that opens the way to the Supreme Divine knowledge. Repeat the mantras possible any number of times, but the most importantly the number of repetitions has to be a multiple of three. You can repeat them 3,6,9,15 ... times, but the best effect is obtained with a daily repetition of mantras 108 times, because the number of one hundred and eight is considered sacred. One – it symbolizes the Supreme Divine Energy, zero – it is the perfection of God's creation and eight – it is a symbol of eternity and infinity in an inverted form. In order not to make mistakes in counting the number of times they recommend to use the rosary. Rosary also helps to concentrate better on the mantra and sensations and also while singing mantras it is charging with powerful energy and can serves as an excellent talisman and amulet. - Subscribe for new videos: - Mantras for protection: - Mantras of wealth and prosperity: - Mantras of health and longevity: - Mantras of beauty and youth: - Mantras of love: - Mantras of wish-fulfilling: - Mantras of spiritual development: ************************************************************************
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